Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello, my name is Anna Crow and I am the Resident Assistant for the Social Justice, Diversity and Pride LLC this year.  I am from the Madison area from a smaller town, Lodi. This will be my junior year at UWM studying community engagement and education as well as business. I enjoy looking at the prospects of business but also at how to create a business to benefit the community as a whole.

My first year at UWM I chose to be in the Community Leadership LLC that is held in Cambridge Commons. This experience opened up many doors that I may have not have had otherwise. I formed relationships that are still some of my best friends and I also made connections to people who are very intelligent and have helped me on my way already.

I am very excited to be apart of something that can change how students look at on campus living. I believe that learning should go beyond what we learn in class as students, I am excited to help the Social Justice, Diversity and Pride LLC develop connections and relationships that will last.

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