Friday, September 14, 2012

Business Panthers Get Social

Hello Lovely Readers,

For those of you following Business Panther RA John's blog, it will come as no surprise to you when I tell you that Business Panthers will be attending a resume workshop this Friday, September 14th. Instead of reiterating the amazing details regarding this event, I would like to review a more recent event hosted by the entire NoLo (North Lowers, Floors 1-12) staff.

Some NoLo staff @ the beach

On Saturday, September 8th, NoLo took a trip to the beach in the afternoon. This was followed by an ice cream social in the evening. While some residents chose to stay in due to the chilly winds, others threw on their windbreakers and took to the sand. Not only did residents get to enjoy some athletic sand endeavors, they also got to learn how to use the Milwaukee County Transit System.

Later in the afternoon the ice cream social stole the show with an amazing turnout! Residents had to walk down the tower starting on floor 12 to receive a fully loaded bowl of ice cream. Floor 9/10 proved to be a challenge. Students were required to rap, dance, trust fall, "cook", and compliment the wonderful RAs of the floor in order to receive their syrup delights.

Both events were filled with smiles. The Business Panthers are off to a great start!! The fun, games, excitement, and learning have only just begun. As the year moves forward, our experiences and companionship as a community will only continue to grow.

Business Panthers Pride,


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