Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3-D Origami Event

Hey, everyone! I hope that everyone had a great first week of classes and that UW-Milwaukee is really starting to feel like home. The staff at UW-M has been working very hard to make this a great college experience for everyone, and as you all may know, we have had a ton of events available for students to attend through the past couple weeks. I had an event just over a week ago that turned out to be a great success.

The event took place on Friday, August 31st in the Riverview Lobby at 8:30pm. This event was initially planned so that students in Riverview would have something fun to do on a Friday night without having to travel to North Campus since most of the Fall Welcome events took place there. It was also planned so that residents could experiment with a unique style of art which most of the residents had not even heard of prior to the event. At this event, the Riverview Art & Design LLC got together and I taught everyone how to do 3-D Origami. Since this is a really tedious process, I taught the basics of the work and then opened the floor to any of the residents who wanted to teach the group any origami that they knew. This provided a great opportunity for the residents to step into a leadership position and show off their talents. By the end of it, we had dragons, airplanes, and other great paper sculptures to pride ourselves in.

This event was a great learning experience for everyone involved whether it was just learning how to do origami or learning how to be a leader and to teach others. It was also a fantastic social event because many other Riverview residents stopped by to see what was going on and sat down to join in on the fun. The LLC students got to meet many other residents in the building and we all got to know each other a little bit better. I learned so much from the residents and I hope they all learned a bit from me too.

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