Friday, September 21, 2012

Significant People to Writing!

Hey Hey All!!!

I hope the semester is going well!  The beginning is the semester is always a stressful time but just keep in mind to take care of yourself.  Never take on too much, balance your work load and take time to relax!

But that's not what I want to talk to you about!  I want to tell you about the importance of meeting faculty members! They do more than it seems, like grading and correcting papers.  Having good writing skills will take you a long when it comes to resume writing and in the professional world.  It is always good to make connections to faculty members because they can help you build good writing skills.

I was able to do this in my first year (something everyone should do)!  This person was a TA for 3 of my classes and taught me how to be a better writer and actually think about what I am reading to form an argument about the sources.  Strong writing skills is something that takes a lifetime to fulfill- my TA still admits he makes mistakes! But working with others to see your writing from a different perspective makes it much easier.

Writing will not get easier unless you work on the skill, and the only way you can do that is to reach out. I'll admit I hate getting help on my papers and I sometimes think I have flawless writing. But let's be honest, that's no where near true.  You never see the faults in your writing until someone points it out.  John was the one that showed how to make my writing better.  I went to him more than I should but that was because I wanted to be a better writer.  He showed me that there is always something to improve on and that I need to make my own argument and put my own voice in my work.

Now, some people can do this on their own but TA's and professors are there for a reason.  John is one of the people I can count on to help with any type of paper and to give me good tips on how to write. In fact, he sent out suggestions on how to make papers better!

Writing is a tough skill to master, we work on it our entire lives and it still isn't perfect but finding someone who can help you even a little but makes it worth it! There will always be someone around to help you turn your paper into perfection!

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