Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Your RA


  My name is Alexis Haney I am a second year student here at UW-Milwaukee and a member of the Global Studies program, focusing on the Global Management track. I have lived in Milwaukee my entire life, until this point of my life at least. But enough about me, lets get into why we're all here, the LLC.
  Beyond Borders is a LLC centered around the idea of viewing oneself as a global citizen. We focus on this idea that our actions, good or bad but hopefully good, have an impact not only locally or nationally, but internationally as well. I am involved in this LLC because, one being a Global Studies major it is not only necessary but, in a way, obligatory that you are aware of the current events happening all over the world. The second reason I am involved in the LLC is because the world is becoming increasingly international and intermingled and will continue on that path into the future, this LLC prepares myself and its members for that occurrence. Having experienced another culture for a month it made me grow as a person and very passionate about my studies, I want this experience for my members as well. Having this position for the first time this year I have no experience with the LLC just yet but that will all soon change!

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