Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Communication and Conflict Event

The Communication and Conflict Living Learning Community is participating in a Campus Resource Scavenger Hunt this week. We thought it was important to plan this event to help students utilize the many resources we have available on our campus. Many first year students are not even aware of places on campus that can help them transition successfully from high school to college, from living on campus to off campus, from one major to the next.
                For this event, students are given a quiz with various questions as well as names of different offices which students have to locate and collect flyers from. This event will take place all around campus from Tuesday, September 11th until Thursday September 20th.
                I think that this event will enhance the students’ experience in the residence halls because it will make the students more connected to our campus community and each other. Since students can work in groups for this project, they can actively problem solve in groups and work together to complete their goal.

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