Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Your Mentor


My name is Cassie Van Gompel and I am the mentor for the Communication and Conflict LLC. I am originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin and am currently entering my fourth and final year at UWM. I am a Communication and Political Science Major and took the upper level version of the LLC Communication course last year.

As a Political Science major, I realize that there are two sides to every argument and there is not always a right answer. This can result in tension between two parties that must be dealt with appropriately. This LLC can help students realize others views and learn how to appropriately deal with conflict in everyday life.

I became involved with the LLC because of how I was affected by the course. Not only do you learn more about how to deal with conflict in your everyday life, you also learn more about the people you are in the course with and how others deal with conflict. I hope that our LLC students can gain as much from the course as I have and apply it to their everyday lives.

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