Thursday, September 13, 2012

Meet Kaho from the Transfer LLC

      During the last week the transfer residents have taken the opportunity to get to know one another through activities on their own or through Fall Welcome events.  If they are not out of the building you can usually find people hanging out in the lounge watching T.V., playing games or just chatting.  
       It has been really fun getting to know everyone because they each bring something different to the community.  Someone that I got to know pretty well was Kaho Sonohara who transferred here from Japan.  Kaho is currently studying music here at UWM and audition for the program through playing a classical piano piece.  She is the oldest of three with a younger sister and brother.  Kaho is looking forward to visiting the great city of Chicago while she is here and enjoys listening to the musical artist Yui. (The picture above) 
        Through Kaho people can learn that everyone has different perspective of the world and by looking at others perspectives you can gain a understanding about your own state or country.   Also in college is where you meet a variety of new people, who you will create lasting friendships with.  

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