Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Your RA

Hello All LLC Members!

My name is Hannah Broadus (Hans for short) and I am one of the RAs for the Helping Hands in Healthcare LLC in Sandburg North. I am a junior this year majoring in Kinesiology in hopes to continue on to graduate school to pursue a degree in Occupational Therapy. I had the great opportunity this summer to work with students with various handicaps. The children I worked with were very medically fragile, but I can honestly say I LOVED MY JOB. Working with the students reassured me that I want to earn my degree in OT in order to work with children with disabilities. The Helping Hands LLC is a great opportunity for you all to meet students with similar career goals and similar classes. It was such a huge help for me, especially during freshman year, to be surrounded by other healthcare majors. We had survived Anatomy and other somewhat grueling classes together and ended up making studying a lot of fun. I am truly excited for you all to have this bonding experience together!!! I am also stoked to be your RA! It may sound strange but I really like Anatomy. It was a difficult class, but I really love the subject and believe that I have a good understanding and resources to be able to help you out.

I hope to make this year fun, exciting, educational, relaxing...let's just say I want you to have a great year and I will do my very best to make that happen as your RA!

See you at move-in! Go Panthers!

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