Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Your RA

 Hey my name is Andrew Palladino I will be 20 in October, I am a returning second year student. I am originally from the Fox Cities near Neenah, however I moved to Cleveland just right outside of Sheboygan a few years ago. A little about myself.... I really enjoy sports ill play just about anything and try to have fun. I really love golf and hockey. I also really enjoy paint balling, and just having a good time with friends.

I am a communications major, but I am also filling prereqs for physical therapy school. I am the head RA for the Communication & Conflict: Social intelligence Living Learning community. I had taken the seminar class that this LCC is based of of in my first semester of my first year. I really enjoyed the class a lot, at the end of the semester my classmates and myself we felt almost like a family and that it was hard to leave the last day of class. needless to say it was my favorite class hands down. So when i was approached about the opportunity to help with this LLC i was very excited.

What this class and this LLC teaches is something can be really valued in my opinion. It teaches you many skill that you would never even have a second think about. It teaches you to allow your self to learn, express, understand, and think in a multi-prosprective way. The class turns on a whole new light in your brain. It teaches you how to problem solve, and interact in a positive productive way even when it seems very difficult to do so. My favorite part of the whole class was the  talking circle and you will learn what I am talking about and why i enjoyed it so much! The experience I have obtained from this is one that has made a very big impact on me as a student and just a day to day communicator. i really hope you will get this if not more from this LLC, and i will certainly try my best to help you accomplish that.

I saw this video the other day and this type of stuff is interesting to me. It is nice to slow things down sometimes and take a look at them, wouldn't you say?

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