Monday, September 10, 2012

Center St. Daze Festival 2012

Wyatt and Zach

Center St. Daze Festival 2012
Sept. 8 
By Art and Design LLC RA, Mari Marks

Today, some residents and I went to the Center St. Daze festival in Riverwest. We didn't wake up early enough to see the pushcart race, but we still got to see some cool things. We looked at buttons, local art, the Jazz gallery, and walked by a guy underneath a tipi talking about Native Americans.

I chose to take residents to this event so they could get a glimpse of a community close by - Riverwest. Riverwest has lot's of fun places to explore - including art galleries, the co-op, local shops, and more. The festival was in the middle of Riverwest, on Center St. just off of Humboldt.

We all found our favorite booth at the festival. Wyatt and I liked the more abstract work of a local artist who uses lots of color and line in their work. Zach liked an artist who used collaged words to create a large picture of landscape.

Wyatt and I's favorite piece

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