Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Awesome Place with a Mission

Hello Business Panthers,

            Michael Ameel here, just checking in with you! I hope your transition to UWM has been stress-free! (Knock on wood!) When I was a first year student living in RiverView Residence Hall I really was looking for something to do, something that could benefit me, the UWM community, and the city of Milwaukee! Walking through the Student Union I noticed a small little office (which has now been renovated) that had a display that said something along the lines of "Apply now as a 'Big' for Big Brother Big Sisters" and I walked in and chatted with the friendly staff of the Center for Volunteerism and Student Leadership.
            I suggest for my Business Panthers floors 9-12 to head into the CVSL in the Union room G28, and talk with someone about getting involved! I got involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters and had a wonderful time! Not only did I enjoy hanging with my 'Little' but interacting with other UWM students who wanted to make a difference to the UWM community and the city of Milwaukee.
           A neat thing about the CVSL is that they have a Student Service Record Program where students can sign up and keep track of their hours of volunteered work and when you graduate you'll have  something added to your transcript so employers can see that you went above and beyond!
         With that I leave you with an option to explore the wonderful services of the Center for Volunteerism and Student Leadership. I am here to plant the seed and for you to water that seed and watch (you) grow into a bright scholar that goes above and beyond!

"The mission of the Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership (CVSL) is to foster an ethic of service and leadership within the UW-Milwaukee campus community by promoting and supporting volunteerism that addresses human and social needs." ~CVSL website

Check out their website and phone number: 

Stay classy,

Michael Ameel (RA)

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