Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Your RA

Hello everyone, my name is Kaivahn Sarkaratpour and I am the RA for the Mobile Rockstar LLC! I am from Madison, Wisconsin and going into my second year of college. My major is graphic design with a minor in business. I can't wait to get to know all the new residents and explore all Milwaukee has to offer.
The Mobile Rockstar LLC is new this year and has the potential to be pretty awesome! The main focus of Mobile Rockstars is to learn about mobile app development for smart phones like the iphone and android. We will collaborate on creating an app that could help our students here at UWM or even the broader Milwaukee community. I wanted to be involved with an LLC this year because I was part of the Art and Design LLC my first year and it helped me make the transition from high school to college easier. I got to take a class with people I was living with and we spent a lot of time together outside of class exploring the campus and the city.  LLC's provide a unique experience for students because they help you make connections that will last a long time and will be there for each other when you need help. Another positive about the LLC is that sometimes you don't just go to class but get to go on field trips and other activities happening in the community.

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