Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Your Mentor

Hi! My name is Joe Stefanich and I am the new mentor for the Architecture Living Learning Communities. I am going into my senior year here in the architecture program at the university, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies degree and an urban planning certificate.

This will be my first year working with the Architecture LLC, but it is my second year as a First Year Mentor. I am really excited for the opportunity to work with the LLC! The concept of making connections early on with incoming students in the same major as you is particularly intriguing for architecture students. A lot of my close friends are fellow architecture students that I have gotten to know through time spent in studio.

Hopefully with the Architecture LLC this year we will be able to help build these connections early on and study architectural concepts that will build off of and enhance that which is covered in the other first year architecture courses. I’ll keep you posted on everything else we are doing this school year!

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