Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spotlight on a Covanant Student

I would like to highlight one of the many students who has actively participated in events the Wisconsin Covenant LLC has hosted. Marlyatou, Marly is a first year student from Milwaukee chosen to be a part of the Wisconsin Covenant LLC. In these first few weeks here, she has been to every required and non-required event, including a Wisconsin Covenant, Leadership and Dance LLC Potluck where we played games, ate food and met other leaders in our community. I hope that she had as much fun at the events as I have had getting to know her!

As the RA of the Wisconsin Convenant LLC and a Wisconsin Covenant student myself, I love seeing my residents and fellow classmates at events and gatherings because I get excited when students like Marlyatou are active and engaged in the community. On that note, I urge all to go out and be active in the community and in housing.

Until Next Time,

RA McKenzie 

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