Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Welcome: Cool Down

On Saturday September 1st for entire student body we had the Cool Down event in Spaights Plaza. The event was held to help students see that college should be an enjoyable fun experience along side of academics. From 1 to 5pm we had things like the ice rink for people to enjoy, as well as pedal bike races and a track for students to race others. We also had free Gatorade, and prizes for when students walked by and won races.

Overall the event was well attended and  a lot of students were smiling and having fun. I believe that this event enhanced the experience of the UWM residence halls because it gave a short preview of what we in the residence like to do, and that is to ensure that students can have fun with their friends in a safe and laid back environment, as well as encouraging students to go out and make social connections with others.

Even the Chancellor got involved and had some fun!

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