Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Your Mentor

Hey all!

My name is Paul Glaser, and I'm super excited to let you know that I will be your mentor for the upcoming school year!!

Just a little bit about me: I'm originally from Sussex, Wisconsin, which is about 30 minutes away from the Milwaukee area. This coming year will be my 3rd here at UW-Milwaukee, and I'm majoring in Psychology. Outside of school and work, I enjoy hiking, video games, and music.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all, as well as learning alongside you as you explore Beat literature, Rock 'N' Roll, and other topics.

I would love to learn a little bit about each of you before the school starts! If you're so inclined, contact me and tell me a bit about yourself. You can post a comment here for everyone to see, or e-mail me at paglaser@uwm.edu

Here's hoping for a wonderful end to the summer break, and an even cooler year here at UWM!



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