Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Walking Riverwest/Shorewood Tour

Members of the LLC are automatically enrolled in Film 117, a class devoted to the basic elements of shooting film (as opposed to the increasingly common digital).  On the first day of class they are informed that they'll need to pick up some somewhat uncommon supplies, such as rolls of 16mm film.  Fortunately there is a local business within walking distance from Riverview that sells almost everything they need for class, Riverwest Film and Video.  As only a few residents knew where it was located I set up a mini-tour where a group of us walked to the store to pick up supplies and get a look at their extensive video collection.

After taking them to Riverwest, I continued on to show them a few highlights of the area, including Fuel Cafe, Walmart, Culver's, and Mike Crivello's Camera Center.  We walked to each location ending at the Union where students shuttled back to Riverview.

The ultimate goal of this event, which I believe was met, was to introduce residents to the area they have access to and familiarize them to Milwaukee.  I wanted to show that it isn't really that difficult to navigate the city and most everything you would need is a feasible walk away.  Furthermore, I wanted to encourage group travel to locations outside of the Residence Halls not only for safety but also for community bonding as well.  We all learned a bit about each other that we never knew before simply by taking a walk together.

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