Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Your RA

My name is John Thornton!  I am from St. Paul, Minnesota, but no worries, I AM a Packers fan!  I came to UWM because of its business program which makes sense because my majors are Accounting and Finance.  I chose them as my majors because business interests me and with the job market looking the way it does having two in-demand fields as my major can only help, right?  I still have some time to worry about a job though, because I am a sophomore and I plan on staying a fifth year for graduate school!

A little about the Business Panthers Living Learning Community:

The Business Panther LLC will focus on… you guessed it… Business!!  The events I will be putting on will appeal to all business majors and even non business majors, so bring friends!  Some of you may be wondering what qualifies me to be your Business Panther RA, and the answer is not much other than I have taken a lot of the classes you have to take and my majors.  It is my first year with an LLC, so we can all learn together! 

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