Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Urban Ecology Center: Just a Few Blocks Away

Hello everyone!

As you know I will be the RA for both the Environmental Sustainability & Biology-Mathematics LLC as we as the Lab Rats: Undergraduate Research LLC this year. And after searching around, I found the perfect spot for both LLCs to visit right here in Milwaukee that allows both LLCs to explore their horizons while keeping a safe and learning rich environment. I’m talking about the Urban Ecology Center!

The UEC began with a community of concerned neighbors who wanted to take back their neighborhood park and make it safe again. They noticed that the area around Riverside Park (a park just a few blocks away from campus) got to the point where it had been neglected for years and it had become crime ridden, full of litter and invasive plants. At the point a group of individuals started the great center we know today.

This local center is great for both learning about various environmental and ecological issues as well as getting hands on experiences such as:

-Urban Adventures all year round
-Volunteer Opportunities in and out of the facility
-Weekend youth and family programs
-Rock climbing

I really hope everyone has a chance to check it out since we have this great opportunity to work with such a great center. Now, the easiest way to get there is by walking or biking since its just a few blocks south of campus

1500 E. Park Place
Milwaukee, WI 53211
(414) 964-8505

9 am- 7pm
9 am- 5pm
Noon- 5pm

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