Monday, September 24, 2012

Leadership Retreat 2012

Leadership Retreat 2012
The Leadership Retreat was more than just a bunch of college students coming together for the weekend at Camp Minikani. The retreat was an experience that if you took advantage of your surroundings, left you refreshed.

Through the many icebreakers, students of all different background got to know each other.  You learned what you had in common with others, even with those   who lived in the same residence hall as yourself.  I had the opportunity to see my resident’s branch out and get to know tons of people. 

The Leadership Retreat challenged people physically too.  Looking at the high ropes it can be very intimidating, but nerves did not get the best of anyone. They climb to the top and made their way across the rope.

The learning did not stop at the high ropes, but it continued into the classroom.  We learned about our emotional intelligence, which allowed for the future leaders to know their own personal limits. After finding where we stood emotionally, our ethics was put to the test. It showed how an ethical leader plays a crucial role in what we tolerate in our community. You had to be there to experience the growth and knowledge we received, from all the other sessions.

When the sun went down on classes, good old fashion took over. We did everything from boating to a camp fire. It was truly a bonding experience.

Do not miss out on the Leadership Retreat 2013
 Knowledge, fun, and a growing experience are a terrible thing to miss out on.

GO Community Leadership LLC
Let’s keep the fun going, this is only the beginning!!

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