Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kenilworth Square East

Hey everyone!

One of the coolest resources Peck School of the Arts students have is Kenilworth Square East (also known as KSE or simply just Kenilworth). Formerly a Model-T factory, this massive space now houses studios, classrooms, and performance spaces for a variety of our arts majors.

On the first level of the building is INOVA (Institute of Visual Arts). The next exhibition will be open from October 5th to December 9th and will feature the 2011 Greater Milwaukee Foundation Mary L. Nohl Fellows, and will be it's 9th annual occurrence!

To get into the building (with the exception of INOVA which is open to the public), students will need to use their hand scans. Peck School students can get this access by filling out a short form, where they have their hand scanned and are given a 4 digit number. Last year I worked with a guest artist, who described it as if it was "from The Matrix." This hand scan also gets you into arts buildings after they have closed.

Kenilworth Square East is located on the corner of Kenilworth and Prospect. Students can walk, take a UWM shuttle, or MCTS bus 30 to get there.

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