Monday, September 10, 2012

College of Nursing Welcome Bash

Last Thursday, September 6, the College of Nursing threw a big Welcome Pizza Bash in their Student Lounge area. The event was open to all student, not only nursing majors. They also provided free cupcakes, pizza, and other treats. The College of Nursing at UW-M is huge and has lots of people in it that are important to get to know. This welcome bash allowed new and returning to students an opportunity to mingle casually with the staff and even professors that could be eventually teaching you. This event was hosted in the College of Nursing; Cunningham 150 (Student Lounge) from 11:30am-2pm.

The College of Nursing Welcome Bash is a different experience for everyone. For returning students, it might be to catch up with old professors or other students they know in the program. For new students, it might be to meet the people that you will most likely be surrounded by for the next four years and the professors who will be right beside you. For faculty and staff, it may be to get on a more personal level with the students and remind them that they are people and not just teachers. No matter what the reason for going, it created a sense of unity in the College Of Nursing building. It's much more calming to walk down the hallways and have staff wave and say hello, than be intimidated by everyone you see. The Bash reminds students and professors that although everyone is here to learn; we can't forget that there is more to it. The College of Nursing is about making life-long friends, trying things you thought you could never do, being involved in the many activities that go on through the college, achieving your goal, and all while (at least hopefully) having fun through it all. The Bash really reminds everyone about that and I think it really brings everyone a little closer.

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